Aiming for the creation of ICT infrastructure through cross-company joint development

Aiming for the creation of ICT infrastructure through cross-company joint development

This association was established with the action plan of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications that is presented in the “Round-table Conference on the Promotion of ICT for Society as a Whole by 2020” as a guiding principle. The aim of the round-table conference is to consider how to leave behind a legacy from the success of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, and various ICT that will be upgraded and utilized by 2020 so that it will lead to sustainable growth for Japan after the Olympics and the promotion of ICT for society as a whole by 2020.
To build advanced IoT hospitality services and maximize customer value from the perspective of overseas customers visiting Japan and also from the standpoint of improving convenience for domestic users, it is necessary to get the participation of companies that provide a diverse range of products, services, and solutions so that a joint development model that cuts across boundaries between companies can be created. By linking and utilizing various types of information that is transmitted by participating companies, new businesses can be created, leading to the expansion of inbound demand as foreigners visiting Japan travel around within the country and spend money on consumption.

Hiroaki Nishi

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About Omotenashi Ict AssociationAbout Omotenashi Ict Association

Name Omotenashi Ict Association

Address #403 Tensho akihabaramanseibashi Bldg 2-23-1 Kanda Suda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0041



Chairman: Hiroaki Nishi (Professor, Keio University)


SoftBank Corp. FUJITSU LIMITED. Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. Panasonic System Solutions Japan Co., Ltd. Hitachi, Ltd. Canon Marketing Japan Inc. KNT-CT Holdings Co.,Ltd. Japan Airlines Co.,Ltd. FeliCa Pocket Marketing, Inc. BUNKA CO.,LTD. ITC Co., Ltd.(Auditor)


NTT DATA Corporation, NEC Corporation, Digital Wallet Corporation. All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company, Limited, BICCAMERA INC., ZENRIN CO., LTD. JCB Co., Ltd.VINX CORP., TECH LINK Ltd., Intel KK. AEON COMPASS Co.,Ltd. AEON CREDIT SERVICE Co., Ltd. Sony Marketing Inc. Morisawa Inc. Jorudan Co.,Ltd. SoftBank Technology Corp. GMO FINANCIAL GATE,Inc. RECRUIT LIFESTYLE CO., LTD. TOPPAN PRINTING CO., LTD. Kodensha Co., Ltd. PEOPLE SOFTWARE CORPORATION. Asia Research Institute Inc. Presentz Co., Ltd.

4.Supporting Members

Chiba Prefectural Government. Chiba City. Narita City. Saitama City. Aizuwakamatsu City. Makuhari Messe, Inc. JAPAN TRAVEL AND TOURISM ASSOCIATION. Chiba City Tourism Association. Nippon Community Contents Association. OTAGAI Forum Association. Frontier Region of Multimedia Okinawa Initiative. NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE WEST CORPORATION. SAGAWA EXPRESS CO., LTD. HYOJITO CO., LTD. Lawson. Inc. FamilyMart Co., Ltd. Ctrip International Travel Japan Co.,Ltd. LY-HIS TRAVEL CO.,LTD.Mirairo Inc. Pam, Inc. RC Solution Co. TUNIU JAPAN CO.,LTD. Yasuji Eguchi Office LLC. Keio University. Kanda University of International Studies.Kenro Aihara (National Institute of Informatics)

As of June 16, 2017

Aims(Goals / Objectives) of the ConferenceAims(Goals/ Objectives) of the Conference

In order to construct a systematically standardized ICT infrastructure, and to enhance the level of “Omotenashi” extended to foreigners visiting Japan, we will improve the ease of getting around various regions inside Japan by “1. realizing speedy, safe and secure travel, and enabling smooth travel for all—especially the elderly and persons with disabilities.” In doing so, by “2. having developed an environment that reduces hindrance to communication,” visitors can enjoy a stress-free experience of Japan. Additionally, through the “3. exciting customer experiences of establishments” which we hope foreign visitors to Japan will use, the sharing of such experiences with the world via SNS and other means will generate a cycle of increase in repeat visitors to Japan that leads to an increase in first-time visitors. For that purpose, the “4. realization of a secure and borderless cashless society” is necessary. This will also be personally experienced by residents of Japan, which will improve liquidity (sightseeing travel/operation of facilities/social participation), leading to revitalization of the economy.
To achieve the aforementioned objectives, we must look beyond the framework of enterprises to form partnerships in areas such as product development or business operation which makes the best use of each other’s technology and capital, at the same time having the entire marketing process of development, sale, advertising and distribution engage the consumers, the government and the society, as we construct a co-created model that continues to co-exist and co-prosper transcending the boundaries of industries and national borders.

Business Overview

Main Projects of the Conference

The objectives are to implement projects for establishing Japan’s position as a tourism-oriented nation by developing ICT infrastructure and enhancing as well as evolving the level of “Omotenashi” to foreign visitors; to create inbound tourism demands for foreign visitors throughout Japan to contribute to regional revitalization; and to elevate the convenience of ICT for Japanese citizens.

To achieve these objectives, the following projects will be implemented.

1.A Project to develop ICT infrastructure that makes it possible for foreign visitors to Japan, from the time of entry into the country to during their stay, lodging, shopping, sightseeing and departure from Japan, to enjoy a comfortable and stress-free time (make its use and application available locally in regions)
2.A Project to link IC cards and media including smartphones and digital signage, in order to construct a structure for the use and application of the generated data
3.A Project to design operations of the ICT infrastructure to be used, and to design the interface
4.Other projects necessary to achieve the objectives of this conference